Oh, if I were king, I would only….. What the words “I want…” mean to a king/emperor compared to us simple mortals. The Roman Emperor Diocletian…. said in 200+A.D., “I want a palace at …[this known but undeveloped place now called Split, Croatia] for my retirement.” And so it was, the palace of incredible proportions was completed in about 300 A.D. The multi-story building occupied an area of about 8 football fields and housed his reduced retirement staff of only 9,000. Only fragments (large fragments compared to the original size) exist today as over the centuries each successive wave of needs and architectural concepts were built in, on, and over the palace. Even the USSR-inspired period of communism could not suffocate it and today it is an open-air market for the throngs of tourists disgorging from dozens of ferries from throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

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