We leave Turkey, spend a day on the island of Kos and get the overnight ferry to Piraeus. Athens is our next port of call. My first impression is that I am going to like it more than I had thought. We spend the day visiting the Acropolis and the museum. The Acropolis is overwhelming in its size and position. It just sits atop of the city and is so easy to see from many angles both day and night. It is hot but there is a blustery wind up there which is very refreshing. We continue on to the Museum which would take days to digest and we had only allocated one afternoon. We have visited many museums on this journey and I find that I have to focus on a certain theme as there is always too much to take in. In this museum I found myself focusing on the “gold”. So much gold, so many beautiful rings, necklaces and other treasures it is astonishing. All recovered from the graves of the rich who could not have imagined where they would end up….

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