Delhi/New Delhi: “only” 22 million people. Surprising progress…. Fewer beggars, cleaner streets, fewer (visible) slums, manageable traffic (still bordering on a suicide mission). Hot (100), cold at night (50), dry, steeped in history. Dozens of eras, dynasties, kingdoms, royalties, the Britishers for about 200 years, have all come and gone. Today it is the world’s largest democracy. National elections in a few weeks; lots of hub-bub; lots of heavily armed security. Visited the Red Fort (circa 1630), a mosque built by the Emperor after the Fort (and the Taj Mahal in Agra), old Delhi, vast expanses of government buildings, unbelievable centuries-old mansions built on the backs of the poor. An amazing Sikh Temple. All Sikh temples serve free meals. This Temple serves about 50,000 free meals a week….. can we learn anything from all this? The grand mosque. Built in the 1600s by the Emperor. Served for the centuries as a religious shrine as well as a symbol of the Emperor’s power and associated religion. It has been going through a renovation for the last few years which is bringing back the striking original colors—primarily the red stone.

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