Eastern Bhutan is known for its textiles and weaving of sheep’s wool, yak wool, and silk…. silk spun from the cocoons that they gather and labor into threads and then weave very fine Gho’s (men’s traditional attire), Kira (women’s traditional attire), and all manner of products. Local villagers told us about this first lady who is deemed to be so good that she only works on projects ordered in advance. To get to her house we had to trek down a steep, cow dung littered, trail to her extremely modest (putting it politely) home perched on the side of a hill (past the house in the photo–the footpath is to the right of the house). She works in poor light, steady, told us all about her sore back, sore fingers, etc., in a very generous, gracious manner. Very sweet lady and incredible work. Here she is working in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom with her husband and two children, and her home….. no running water, no sewage, only one electric light bulb (which is a new feature).

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