A bank full of hippos at the Crossing. Why do they gather here where the wildebeest cross and where dozens of monster crocs wait patiently for their feast? Major enemies. I read an account where a hippo rescued a wildebeest calf as it struggled in the current…. As crocs circled to catch the weakening calf, a hippo emerged from the froth of water to use its nose to push the calf onto the bank. Once rescued, the same hippo once again returned to the frothy water, chock a block with wildebeest, zebra, and hungry crocs and, rather than get out of the fray, instead entered the fray. A young zebra was now floundering. The hippo again used its nose to push the zebra calf onto a rock outcropping on the shore. Compassion? Emotions on the part of the hippo? Snubbing its nose at its arch-rival enemy the crocodile?

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