3 thoughts on “Bunny in the vegetable market in front of one of numerous fountains including one designed by Rudyard Kipling

  1. I see a sign that says ‘Do not spit”! Did you see much spitting going on?

    Bunny you look quite at home and happy!

    Do you have the same guide for all your time in India?

    Diana and I think that we stayed in your hotel. We looked out of the window in the evening about 10:00pm and saw a wedding starting at an ‘auspicious’ time with the groom riding in on a white horse! The party went on into the night as we watched from the balcony.

    India is hard to forget.

    Enjoy all the sensory stimulation, Rosemary


    • Hi Rosemary….. slowly getting caught up…. sensory stimulation to be sure. The spitting has to do with the semi-common, but frowned upon, practice of chewing Betal nut which I have found all over the world. A fairly gross habit not unlike chewing tobacco except red… and the spit is red, and when they have to get rid of the red saliva there are no spittoons. So the sidewalk, floor, or any other somewhat convenient place serves…… signs notwithstanding….

      Yes, as you probably saw from Bunny’s emails, we saw a number of weddings….. or as I call them “sacrifice of the virgins” since they are arranged marriages between people who usually haven’t met….. Love, Guy

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